Interview: Francisco López

Interview: Francisco López, Vega Cañada


Francisco Lopez MartinezPosition in the company: Managing Director


How would you describe the tomato production process (highlight the most important part of the process)?

Tomatoes require a very laborious cultivation, in which all the steps of the process are important: from the choice of variety, following criteria to achieve objectives, market trends, operating characteristic, etc; the entire cultivation process, choosing when to cut, when to harvest and, in general, every detail so that in the end we achieve the ideal quality. At our company, we make sure that farmers and agricultural technicians always work together with our sales department to never lose sight of the markets.



How important is the land/soil in the production of tomatoes?

In Almeria, for example, we have special climate conditions, water and land, that favour the cultivation of tomatoes. Undoubtedly, the land is very important.

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