Interview: Loranza Zghaib


Amshit, Lebanon

Personal Background
(personal background of the person interviewed, not too much detailed, it depends on the context).

Mrs. Loranza has started this business with her 2 sisters Marta and Losoy. It was just for fun since the place was owned by the family. They learnt lots of baking recipes from their mother and had lots of support from relatives and friends when they first started this project until it became their daily activity.

This bakery was founded 20 years ago.


Description of the environment where one of the activities listed above takes place:
(Please, specify: 1 – name of the local area, 2 – if it’s a place well-known for a specific activity and – if so – which one; 4 – information about plants and landscape related to Mediterranean environment linked to the activity; 5 – any relevant information linked to the research). If it’s possible, take pictures/shoot video of this place.

The place where the activity is held is called Amchit, a Hebrew word means “tribe”. Located along the coast, it has some hills that rise up to 160m, with an area of 5 square km and a coast line length of 5200m. It is well-known for olives and grapes agriculture.

Description of the technique/method/practice implemented. Please, specify – if it’s the case – the timing, the steps and the aim of the activity (to have more material: pictures + video shooting of the usage if it’s possible).

– All sisters (Loranza, Marta and Losoy) work in baking.
– They use some semi mechanical equipments which are necessary for the production process.

List of natural products (fruits, vegetables, plants, fish and so on) depending on the activity/the activity is done for and related to the Mediterranean Diet. Promotion of the territory. Promotion of biodiver Promotion of slow and 0% consumptionif it’s the case, how the 0 Km production is working at local level: Region, if it’s a place famous for a specific activity, why and so?

They produce bakery with different fillings like spinach, chard leaves, wild thyme, and watercress… depending on the season.
Some of the products used – and related benefits – are:
– Whole sesame: ithelps to get oxygen to the brain.
– Putting Manaqouchet on a straw tray keeps it from soaking and lets the heat out.
Finally, they really believes on the use of wheat to extract protein as an alternative to meat, and this can be used to make rosto and Lahm beajeen (traditional bakery products there).


If it’s an activity related to the promotion of the territory, the biodiversity and the slow and 0% consumption, please, describe how it works at local level (if it’s related to traditional practice or traditional organization of the food distribution, promotion of territory or 0% consumption).

No, this activity is not related to the promotion of the territory, the biodiversity, the slow and 0% consumption.

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