Interview: Mrs. Ines Arteaga, Founder Organic Gourmet

Profession: Entrepreneur
Position: Founder
Country: Spain
Age: 50

Which Mediterranean Diet values would you highlight?
The sociocultural values, because they preserve: a large historical heritage of agricultural and livestock that are respectful and efficient production methods, techniques and traditional craft making that help generate local economy by encouraging the renewal of rural areas.
Also the organoleptic and nutritional value of the products.

How important is the land in a healthy and balance diet such as the Mediterranean Diet?
From my point of view I consider it of utmost importance, since for centuries, the specific characteristics of each region have marked the natural selection of species best adapted to the environment and the best production, processing and conservation techniques.
Moreover, the large diversity of ecosystems that coexist in the Mediterranean basin are also responsible for the great heterogeneity of foods that make up the pyramid. It is rich, diverse and balanced and this is why it heals.

On a personal level, why did you decide to dedicate yourself to the food sector?
The food world has always been a very important part of my life, both personally and professionally, so it had to be the largest protagonist in my path as an entrepreneur.
Moreover, and knowing the enormous impact of food on our health, it seemed the best career choice, combining two of my biggest interests.

Reasons for your commitment to sell organic and ecological foods that are part of the Mediterranean Diet?
I believe that things made with time, love and patience are always the best, so I opted for this market riche, that of products of the highest quality. That is the connotation the word “gourmet” has for me, in the case of a luxury item, or the humblest product.
On the other hand, I wanted to work “with” and “for” people who share a sensitivity to traditional processing methods, where there is utmost respect for sustainability and the environment. Hence I decided to sell only certified organic products that, today, is the best guarantee that products are healthy and tasty.

Personal opinion about Mediterranean customs and traditions.
They are a part of my DNA as a person and as a professional, the Mediterranean is home to some of the great civilizations, and has managed to generate meetings and exchanges between them.
The natural evolution of the inhabitants has managed to live with respect for their traditions, which is not only the best way to link us to our roots, to nature, to enjoy what life offers, simple and good things (art, food, climate, culture, etc.)

What Mediterranean tradition is linked to the values of Organic Gourmet?
Generate positive dining experiences with our products, acting on two fronts:
Knowing and sharing the passion with which our suppliers manufacture their products, are part of the value chain and we love establishing commitments and partnerships with them.
Educating our clients, transmitting the added values that the products have and providing qualitative information for their best use.

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