Local Working Groups

A Local Working Group (LWG) representative of every partner/country has been selected in order to develop and participate to the next activities:

  • A research on Mediterranean Diet related to the traditions and the dissemination of its results at a local level.
  • Two International events in Egypt (2014) and in Portugal (2015). 
  • A cooking competitionwith the other partner countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, Portugal, Spain and Italy);
  • Video-shooting of a documentary on local and regional cooking traditions.
  • The release of a recipe book for children conceived for nutrition education.

Every LWG will be composed by 10 people, including:

  • 2 amateur chefs
  • 2 experienced chefs
  • 2 film makers
  • 2 scene directors
  • 1 food culture communication expert
  • 1 nutritionist

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