• Enterprise: Gallina Bianca

    Place: Spain

    How would you describe the process of preparing Gallina Blanca soups (highlight the most important part of the process: harvest, selection of […]

  • Job: Restaurant owner and chef of the restaurant SUQUET DE L’ALMIRALL
    Country: Balcelona, Spain
    Position in Company: Restaurant Owner
    Age: 51 years old

    – Which values would you highlight about M […]

  • Profession: Entrepreneur
    Position: Founder
    Country: Spain
    Age: 50

    Which Mediterranean Diet values would you highlight?
    The sociocultural values, because they preserve: a large historical heritage of […]

  • D. Assunção is one of the latest inhabitants of a rural community (Mealha) in the inland
    of Tavira municipality, in Algarve, Portugal. She was invited to prepare a community meal
    in the parish m […]

  • Santa Luzia, Tavira, Portugal 

    Returning to Portugal, after many years working abroad, Eduardo and his wife Nicole resumed the management of a restaurant, which they had rented and they had […]


    Director of cooperative operations of TERRAS DE SAL, CRL, the local collective of hand harvested sea salt and Flor de Sal producers. Its aim is to promote, add va […]


    The Regional Confectionery “A Ti Marquinhas”, is a small business founded by
    enterprising Mrs. Valentina da Conceição Miguel in 1989, in a makeshift warehouse of
    his pa […]

  • Palácio da Galeria: Calçada da Galeria, Tavira 

    He is the coordinator of the international team responsible for the inscription in 2013 of Med Diet on the representative list of the intangible cu […]

  • Palácio da Galeria: Calçada da Galeria, Tavira, Portugal 

    She is an anthropologist, working at Tavira Municipal Museum, on the Med Diet Permanent Exhibition.

    Description of the te […]

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