SlowMed and SidigMed, together to create synergies in the Mediterranean Basin

SIDIGMED1-700x400_cSlowMed is glad to present its collaboration with SidigMed – Urban and Peri-urban agriculture, born at the beginning of the 2015 and now strengthened by almost one year of collaboration.

The project SidigMed aims to use Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture as a means to improve governance processes for public authorities and to promote social and intercultural dialogue through cooperative organizations and associations fighting social exclusion and poverty. Implemented in cities and territories characterized by vast agricultural areas (Rome, Al-Balga, Mahdia and Barcelona), the project has adopted permaculture and organic farming concepts including innovative and energy-efficient techniques for water harvesting, composting to enrich the soil and beekeeping for income generation and pollination.

The collaboration between SlowMed and SidigMed has been focused on three main objectives:

  1. Development of a non-formal approach to communicate concept on biodiversity, promotion of the territory and agriculture’s social value, at the basis of the Mediterranean society.
  2. Visibility Exchange on each own communication channels.
  3. Information exchange on research activities (specifically, on agricultural techniques strictly connected to Mediterranean Traditions).

Among the three objectives, the first objective has fitted the main aim of SlowMed project: reaching a wider target to communicate and raise the awareness on concepts strictly related to the topics close to Mediterranean Diet and the Med Basin. Thanks to the experience of Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” on non-formal education, both CSC Danilo Dolci and Esmo srl – Italian partner of SidigMed – developed furthermore modules to be applied in training on the topics specified above, which are some of the core-pillars of the Mediterranean society.

Moreover, the meeting among the 2 organizations has been a chance to exchange good practices on the project management and on information useful in both the two projects, defining synergy towards a stronger collaboration in the future of the international cooperation in the Mediterranean Basin.

If you need to know more about SidigMed, visit their website:

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