SlowMed – Dissemination Seminar

18th of December 2015, from 2.30 to 8 pm
19th of December 2015, from 9 am to 1.30 pm.


Hotel Crowne Plaza
Hamra Street, Beirut, Lebanon

Organized by Al-Jana Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts & Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahale and Bekaa

The project SlowMed – Food as a means of dialogue in Mediterranean Contexts will present – on the date of the 18th and 19th of December 2015 – the results of its 2-years implementation.

This Dissemination Seminar will be a unique occasion:

  • to spread the SLOWMED results and also
  • to connect Stakeholders and speakers coming from Italy, Spain, Egypt, Portugal, Palestine and Lebanon who will share experiences towards a future of preservation of Med Diet and cooperation at Med Level.

SlowMed focused on the preservation and transmission of the immaterial heritage that represent the Mediterranean Diet. In 2013, this diet has been included in the UNESCO list of Worldwide Intangible Cultural Heritage; however the FOA considers it as “decaded into a moribund state” due to the continuing developing of globalization.

The SlowMed project aimed to answer concretely to this problem by involving more than 60 artists and chefs from 6 Mediterranean countries who have worked on researches, workshops and artistic productions focusing on Mediterranean Diet. This have been an occasion for them to back to their cultural roots, learn from the old generation and express the creativity of the Mediterranean culinary heritage.

We are glad to share this incredible work of cooperation, towards a future where new generation will have the chance to know Med Diet through new and exciting tools.

The Program of the Seminar foresees:

1) the presentation of the main products of the project:

  1. the online database collecting the 120 healthy Med Diet recipes from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon;
  2. the Children Recipe Book to raise a generation around Mediterranean Sea;
  3. the final documentary “4 culinary Seasons of the Mediterranean Diet”;
  4. a fusion cuisine meal developed by the Chefs winners of an International Competition.

2) Discussion and talk on the main topic of the project:

  1. the role of Media and Art in preserving the intangible heritage;
  2. the education of new generations to healthy lifestyle connected to nutrition;
  3. innovative good practices for the preservation of Med Diet and traditional food production;
  4. the future of the International Cooperation at Med Level.

All the relevant stakeholders on the field of education, nutrition, arts & media as well as policy makers, social representatives and general public are invited to join our seminar to share with us the results of their project and their further developments.

SlowMed Dissemination Seminar – Programme

18th of December 2015

14.30 – Arrival of participants and registration.
15.00 – Welcome and opening speeches.
  • Mr. Alberto Biondo – Project Coordinator, Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”, Italy.
  • Mr. Aldo Puleo – Joint Managing Authority, ENPI CBC Med Programme.
  • Ms Gloria Hanna Jabbour – Quality and Product Development Manager, CCIAZ, Lebanon.
  • Mr Hicham Kayed – Director, Al-Jana, Lebanon.

15.30 – The new perspectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation: the next ENI programme.

  • Mr. Aldo Puleo, ENPI CBC MED programme

15.50The experience of SlowMed: results, numbers, agreements and clusters reached.

  • Mr. Alberto Biondo – Project Coordinator, Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”, Italy.

16.15The Med Diet: a “state of art” towards a preservation at Med Level.

  • Ms. Zeinab JembayThe Food Heritage Foundation, Lebanon.
  • Ms. Barbara Masaad – Artist, Chef and Co-funder of Slow Food Beirut, Lebanon.

17:00Coffee Break17.15The Role of Art and Media in preserving intangible heritage.

  • Mr. Paul Mattar – Director, Mano Theater, Lebanon.
  • Mr. Angelo Zito – Scene Director, Altraforma, Italy.

Presentation of the International Documentary:”4 culinary seasons in the Mediterranean Diet”.

18.30Food as a means of dialogue: Interculturality and Fusion Cooking.

The International Team of Chefs will present its winner recipe:

  • Mr. Pedro Beleza – Chef, Portugal.
  • Mr. Kamal El Tazi – Chef, Egypt.
  • Mr. S. Khawhand – Chef, Lebanon.

Ø  Tasting Session: fusion dish meals proposed by the chefs.

19.30 – End of the Session.

19th of December 2015

9.00 – Arrival of participants and registration.
9.30 Welcome and opening speeches
9.45 International Cooperation and preservation of intangible heritage: good practices within the Med Sea

  • Mr. Hamze Jammoul – ENPI CBC MED programme.
  • Ms. Gloria Hanna Jabbour – CCIAZ, LACTIMED project, Lebanon.
  • Dr. Mirna Abboud Mzawak, Head of Social Sciences Department – USEK, Lebanon.
  • Ms. Hania Chahal, Marketing Economist, Lebanon.

11.00 – Coffee break11.30 – School and Education: how to promote healthy lifestyle in new generations.

  • Dr. Joyce Zlaqet, Dietitian and nutrition consultant, Lebanon.

Presentation of the Children Recipe Book:

  • Ms. Antonella AlessiCentro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”, Italy.

12.15 – Food producers: the importance of the chain of distribution on the preservation of the Mediterranean Diet.

  • Mr. Mounir Makar – Makar Farms, Egypt.
  • Mr. Artur Felipe Gregorio – Program Coordinator, In Loco Association, Portugal.

13:00 Signature of the Value Paper on Med Diet and conclusion of the Seminar
13.30 – Lunch

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