SlowMed’s stories: a learning path in the Mediterranean Basin – Egypt

DSC_1688During the last 2 years, SlowMed has involved a total of 60 professionals from 6 countries from different professional fields (chefs, videomakers, scene directors, nutritionists, food communicator experts) in order to make them experience the added value of the international dialogue and cooperation through the holistic concept of the Mediterranean Diet. After local and international activities, competitions, workshops and researches, we can identify a strong impact on our participants, who will benefit of the experience that they have lived. Here they are some feedbacks from our participants from Egypt:

Chef.Sameh Bacha, Professional Chef:

“SlowMed project was a great source of education for me personally. Working with all the chefs and contributors throughout the project, sharing recipes and interacting together was a great advantage. My culinary students benefited greatly from all the experiences I gained by working with all the talented chefs from around the Mediterranean during my visit to Portugal. The various workshops we all attended were extremely informative on so many levels and also beneficial to my students in Egypt.On a personal and professional level I gained valuable experiences that will benefit me in my career as a professional chef”.

Adam El-Gabri, Videomaker:

“It has been a pleasure to see how Egyptian youth have enthusiastically become interested and involved as our project advanced. We worked together to gain an appreciation of our common unchanging cultural heritage. I have found that with the most basic encouragement, this new generation of Egyptians has contributed a lot to our creative program in new and exciting ways which both highlighted the influence of generation past while novel and modern modes of engagement.

Heba El-Feky, Local Working Group Coordinator:

Working in SlowMed project was really beneficial and interesting. I learned a lot which I did not know before about what Mediterranean diet is and what the true meaning of eating healthy is. Also I enjoyed and learned from working in a team group with all partners together sharing our experiences and knowledge with each other. Added to that, I learned about the special healthy recipes from each partner worked in SlowMed. All experiences and information I learned will stay with me throughout my life time and help me in making and maintaining healthy diet which I will teach and share with my friends and relatives.

Ms. Heba Tadros, National Coordinator:

“Through SlowMed I had the privilege to create a dialogue which bought a variety of actors and feelings to the forefront and allowed for open and dialogue fostered an atmosphere of hope and cooperative amongst players of wide variety of ethnic, social and professional groups.

The capitalization which we have found is of an educational variety and so it disseminates itself in a natural way. Networks have grown as a result of encouraging participation of the players involved and we have seen how enthusiastically the beneficiaries have made the transition from violent and unstable modes of engagement to positive and productive social and cultural initiatives. In closing, initiatives of this nature form a vital link in helping Egypt and more specifically Egyptian youth to find a healthy and sustainable ways of Mediterranean diet”.

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