The great success of the SlowMed Roadmap

During the months of May and June in all partners’ countries, local activities have been held in order to involve the local communities in the promotion of Mediterranean Diet, creating an ideal roadmap of events through the both sides of the Mediterranean.

The objectives of these local events have been to raise awareness on the importance of the Mediterranean Diet as a cultural heritage of humanity, for its value not only nutritional but also cultural and intangible as healthy lifestyle and fundamental root shared of Mediterranean Countries.

The events have been organized in order to involve a wider audience in a creative and innovative way, promoting the food as a mean of cultural and artistic expression, celebrating not only its traditional aspects but also the possibilities in transforming and playing with it, thus attracting the attention of the public of all ages.

In Italy, Palestine, Spain, Lebanon and Egypt, the local working groups have organized a day full of activities for all ages, for children and adults: food exhibitions with professional chefs, cooking classes open to the participation of the public, conferences about the importance of the Mediterranean Diet for the health and as a means of intercultural dialogue, educational workshops addressed to children and a final concert with local performers. The events, mixing practical and theoretical activities, saw the participations of children, parents, teachers and in general of the whole local communities but also of stakeholders, policy makers, society representatives and relevant actors for the project’s topics.

The local events have been a great success in all partners’ countries, reaching the objectives of disseminating the project’s themes to a big audience, promoting the intercultural and intergenerational dialogue through the food. These days have been occasion to have fun by cooking, discovering the roots of Mediterranean countries, reflecting on common points and approaching the richness and the value of our culinary traditions, not only for our health but in general for the well-being of our body and soul and as a means to build a more cohesive society.

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