Interview: Valentina da Conceição Miguel




The Regional Confectionery “A Ti Marquinhas”, is a small business founded by
enterprising Mrs. Valentina da Conceição Miguel in 1989, in a makeshift warehouse of
his parents, based on the secrets of Regional and Conventual sweet-making art, using typical products of the region.


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Sweet Flavors Tradition
This is an enterprise with 6 workers and it seeks to keep alive the traditions in the confection of cakes and regional products. In addition to the sweet confection, they also exhibit their products at trade shows, for example the well-known Feira da Serra, Sao Bras de Alportel.
“A Ti Marquinhas” produces the most pastries, but the Algarve sweets are its specialty.



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The sweets from São Brás show the best of the regional products: honey, carob, arbutus berry, fig and almond are the main ingredients of the sweets. Among the most requested, you can find the traditional almond stuffed figs, and the typical “pirolitos” candies and tender almonds of São Brás. A set of sweets which can really representative of the art of hospitality!
The guests of honour for “A Ti Marquinhas” are the figs, the carob, almonds and the eggs. Moreover, the confectioners are dedicated to creating and decorating cakes.
The regional Sweets baked at this patisserie are:
– Carob Pie
– Morgado Algarve
– 3 delights of the Algarve (carob, fig and almond)
– Pudding
– Conventual sweets
– Figo Secret
– Almond Candy
– Conventual
– Speciality: D. Rodrigo

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